A little bit of history: a past that indicates the importance of looking ahead.

    Leonardo joined Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola in 1993. The name of the brand encapsulates the genesis of this product that looks to the past to find a new, creative spirit to enjoy in both the present and future. Its inspiration comes from one of the most glorious periods of the Renaissance and the person of Leonardo da Vinci, the universally acknowledged genius and precursor of a new concept of creativity combining art and science.

    The Leonardo collections reflect this revolutionary mood as they achieve a perfect balance between artistic appeal and advanced technology. An acute awareness of latest trends and a constant commitment to research and development guarantee that our floor and wall tiles are always ready to satisfy those who insist on hi-tech ceramics.

    Mixes, materials and finishes are all meticulously analysed to produce ceramics with the highest performance levels guaranteed by a company history whose roots are buried deep in Made in Italy quality and knowhow.

      The Leonardo Showroom

      The Showroom: lose yourself in this unique display context and discover exciting new trends.

      A sense of space and a captivating atmosphere accompany the visitor through the Leonardo showroom in Imola. This fine example of industrial architecture offers a firsthand experience of style and technology. Leonardo floor and wall tales reflect a minimalist taste for harmonious geometry through the creation of unique ceramic surfaces.

      And here, the range of ceramic effects blends perfectly with the lovingly renovated industrial heritage context to form a contemporary display space with an eclectic, multi-faceted soul. This is an unconventional space where you can enjoy small and large displays that come together to create a fascinating and unique experience.

      Showroom opening times:
      Monday to Saturday: 10:00 - 13,00 / 15:10 - 19:00
      Phone: 0542 601501

        Quality and Environment

        Ceramics that love and respect the environment. Leonardo stands for eco-sustainability

        Leonardo believes in the design of a new ceramic concept that respects and safeguards its two inseparable cornerstones: humanity and the environment. Quality is therefore a fundamental value in terms of product standards and the safeguarding of the environment and human heritage. This is why the entire production cycle - from the extraction of raw materials, to the application of finishes and the way the tiles are laid - is all regulated by efficient eco-sustainable policies.

        The earth’s resources are a common good that need to be safeguarded and preserved. Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola believes that responsible socio-economic development is based on a respectful and mindful attitude to this planet and the people who live on it. This is the conviction that has led to our Company Environment Management system.

        Today our energy self-production has reached levels of 85%, whereas our raw material recycling process has achieved savings of approximately 11 tonnes of petrol per day. These ecological advances have earned us a number of major energy and product certificates.

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          Research and development

          New horizons in style and technology

          Leonardo has always invested in research and development to perfect its state-of-the-art ceramics that reflect the latest innovations in style and technology.

          Raw materials and ceramic finishes are the focus of our research and experimentation: patterns, nuances, complex visual effects are the result of a design that focuses on the perfection and definition of new production horizons.

          The superior quality of these products that understand planners, designers and architects’ needs is the result of a production process that is attentive to contemporary trends and sensitive to technological progress.

          Our stoneware, a material that stands out for its communicative power, is constantly analysed. New horizons are reached with materials that take on an unprecedented range of form and colour.

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