24 September 2014 / Events

A look at Cersaie 2014: The latest trends for bathrooms and homes

Every year strolling through the Cersaie show provides a unique opportunity to see first-hand the latest solutions for the home, with a specific focus on bathroom furnishings.
This year creativity has been unleashed on a wide range of shapes, colours and lines, creating inspirational interior design. A look at the various stands reveals the future trends that have emerged from the relentless experimentation that is the hallmark of Italian ceramics. The surfaces of this versatile material are able to recall many natural elements such as stone and wood.
Ceramics can embrace many different concepts and styles and fulfil any aesthetic requirement. A close look at the stands of Cersaie 2014 reveals certain recurrent themes and elements. We have selected a few of them for you.

#Decorating with nature

The continuous research into ceramic tiles has this year been inspired by nature and its primary elements. This mimicry warms living spaces in a boundless process of empathy and metamorphosis.
The strength of stoneware has been combined with new natural elements to create wood effect facings, kitchens with stone details or elegant bathrooms faced in marble effect stoneware.
The sizing and morphological structures have achieved unimaginable results, such as recreating the tactile effect of the grain or natural textures on the surface as well as the effect of natural agents and the passing of time.
This is the philosophy behind LaFaenzaCeramica’s latest product, Inedito; a tile that conveys the emotional impact of weathered wood and its numerous visual stimuli and energy.

#New geometries and compositional freedom

The new tile formats allow for complete creative freedom to let your imagination run riot with an infinite number of combinations and visual impacts. This year one geometric design is taking centre stage: the hexagon.
Taking its cue from the honey comb shape it has been transformed into a powerfully expressive design. A wide spectrum of colours, as well as two different finishes natural and glossy, furthers the compositional possibilities to achieve an endless possibility of custom designs and patterns.
ImolaCeramica’s Emotive Trace collection rediscovers the appeal of old diaries, objects from the past and black and white photographs. With the glazed porcelain stoneware, in the hexagonal 26x30 cm format, memories are brought back to life in unique flooring solutions.

#The new silhouette is ultra slim and minimal

Sanitary fixtures that up to a few years ago seemed to dominate bathrooms with large and imposing dimensions have progressively gotten thinner and become ultra slim.
Minimalism and lightness are the watchwords of the most innovative projects. There is a meeting of function and aesthetics, with fixtures suspended from the floor and an optimised use of space. Starting from scratch to identify a new living experience.
Clear and bright lines are the hallmarks of a new decorating approach that affects floorings and facings. Double by ImolaCeramica captures this mood perfectly. An unprecedented minimalism achieved with patterns of clean and sharp colours, decorations with three-dimensional triangles that fit on top of each other, allowing for infinite modulation possibilities.

#Nostalgia and memories

Numerous furnishing projects recall a bygone culture: from tailoring to craft. Visitors are encouraged to step back in time with numerous references to the past: from materials to design, from the meticulous details of a neoclassical washbasin to bathtubs that recall an old English style.
LeonardoCeramica’s Natural Chic follows this trend.
The soft lines of this stone effect stoneware have pushed the envelope between the aesthetics of natural contrasts and the technological evolution of contemporary materials. The aim of the collection was to transport the rural world into the heart of the metropolitan city and convey the warmth of a home to a designer space. This collection reflects the personality of the large-sized formats, which fill the space with their purity.

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