22 April 2015 / Events

At Expo 2015 look out for the Ceramics of Italy workshop

The countdown to the official opening of the tour initiative that will be stopping this year in Milan has begun. Expo 2015, the Universal Exhibition focused on the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” will open on May 1st. This extraordinary multicultural show that will unite countries from all over the world, is destined to be an important platform for displaying and sharing both ideas and initiatives.

Naturally, Italian ceramics will play a major role in the vast Expo 2015 calendar of events, conferences, shows and exhibitions. In the centre of Milan, the Triennale will be hosting a huge cultural exhibition dedicated to “Arts & Food”.
It is here that Ceramics of Italy - the corporate and sector brand that represents and promotes Italian ceramics companies around the world - will hold an exhibition demonstrating the similarities between ceramics and food. You can visit it between the 1st and the 10th of May 2015. It will consist of a kitchen-workshop where visitors can experience the similarities between preparing food and the various phases in ceramic tile production. In this creative workshop participants will be able to mix powders and seeds to create a unique ceramic dish and a genuine contemporary work of art. This will give them a firsthand experience of a material in which food is cooked, prepared and served.
The aim of this maxi-workshop is to raise awareness of the role of Italian ceramics and the major manufacturers who continue to build the Made in Italy vision of domestic lifestyle that has always been a benchmark for style and creativity.

Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola will participate in this initiative by supplying porcelain stoneware slab tiles featuring a perfect combination of design, quality and style.
The three collections you will find at Expo 2015 are:

#Le Terre by ImolaCeramica A glazed porcelain stoneware that evokes all the beauty of hand-crafted clay. This delicate, material-based style encompasses the atmospheres of both exploration and travel. It is a collection of memories that speaks of a life lived between great cities and cornfields, skyscrapers and nature. It is a series of hexagonal shapes flaunting the warm, natural hues of the earth.

#Lamiera by LaFaenzaCeramica
Inspired by the contemporary urban context and architectural trends, the new Lamiera collection by LaFaenzaCeramica is an original design, full of character.
Offered in sizes 60x120, 60x60 and 30x60 cm in two different colours, it promotes maximum design freedom and makes the product adaptable to various types of environments, creating atmospheres which are soft and stylish or powerful and trend-setting.

#Natural Chic by LeonardoCeramica
A collection that transforms surfaces into a sensual caress. this is what The inspiration behind these extra-large size ceramics are cosmopolitan urban scenarios and the pleasant contrast between a natural range of colours and a hi-tech material. Elegant and highly distinctive, these floor tiles are dedicated to those who wish to add a touch of design to their home.

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