One by Leonardo

Here, the creative inspiration is nature in all its power and originality.

Moon. Eclectic charm.

Taking inspiration from the moon’s surface, Leonardo includes an exercise in style amongst its new collections: a homogeneous concrete effect with a soft surface.

One: Unexpected Surfaces.

Four different stones have been selected to create this collection: a very rare Quarzite Superwhite, an unusual Cardoso Oniciata stone, elegant and refined Dora Cloud marble and Grigio Billiemi stone.



Iceland is a place where uncontaminated nature is sovereign, as every location has its own individual magic and charm. 65° PARALLELO reproduces the characteristic qualities of this country with exceptional results.

C_Mine, from recycled industrial design to modern architecture

This project is specifically designed to enhance innovation and creativity and fuse history and tradition with contemporary design.

W. ZONE: when format and effect complement each other

This format enhances the effect of wood by creating a totally modern style that offers all the warmth and comfort this material has always been loved for.

Factory: hi tech, essential and bold, all in one collection.

A full-bodied porcelain stoneware collection with a unique concrete effect and a very special range of surface colour variations featuring subtle shades that can only be truly appreciated when every tile has been laid.

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