The challenge of the famous Cersaie, International Ceramic Tile Exhibition, is both exciting and engaging and at Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola we took it up by presenting a thrilling journey through our various collection previews.
We opted to tell the story of the birth of our products, highlighting the identity of ImolaCeramica, LaFaenzaCeramica and LeonardoCeramica through the light plays chosen, the proposals created and the different modes of communication proposed.
Here is a brief summary of our experience of the 2013 edition of Cersaie.

By embracing tradition and retracing a century-long history we have moulded new ceramic identities.
Lights, materials and colours renew the past through the creative force of the present, thanks to Cento per Cento, Via Veneto, Imola 1874, and Creative Concrete to name just a few of the new collections designed and presented at the fair.

It is the objects, colours and inspirations that surround us which tell the story of a product.
Fragments of life that know how to inspire new and stylish ceramic textures, formats and surfaces by focusing on the sensations the materials arouse. Fashion, Elegance and Minimal Refinement: a multi-sensory experience created by Astratto, Dolcevita, Equilibri, Lamiera, Lastra and Solista.

Urban Style and an essential concept. Dynamic energy is the force behind the style, decoration and formats that now enhance interiors and map contemporary living spaces.
Products created in complete respect of eco-sustainable architecture without a clear focus on efficiency and technology too. This is the goal we have designed Hidden to achieve.

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