02 November 2016 / Events

“Digitalife: Immersive Exhibit” at the MACRO in Rome

The Digitalife exhibition at the Macro - Museum of Contemporary Art - in Rome has a “less is more” leitmotif that is also the founding concept of rational, minimalist architecture and the production design of Leonardo -EvolutionsTile, the company that creates distinctively hi-tech, international, design-oriented tiles.

Digitalife: Immersive Exhibit is not merely an exhibition, but - as its name suggests - an immersive experience in which viewers can explore the digital universe and let the creative expressions of a series of artists embrace them.

The works on display are all based on the “objectification” and “de-virtualisation” of the digital world and the fact that the viewer is the main focus. These are issues that Leonardo -EvolutionsTile shares too.

The “Zee” installation by Kurt Hentschläger, for example, is a “a journey into non-vision”, where the viewer is wrapped in a fog that is synaesthetic and aids perception on account of a series of sound and light impulses that stimulate the visitor.

“ST/LL” by ShiroTakatani - co-founder of the Japanese collective DumbType - also stimulates the viewer's perception by using water to create miraculous geometrical sculptures, shapes and light refractions.

Italy is represented at the exhibition by the NONE with DeepDream_Act II, a work that offers insights into the collective digital imagination without making any attempt to conceal the often trivial and voyeuristic nature of the web and its images.

Richard Castelli- the curator of the exhibition - describes these works in three words: immersion, fluidity and de-virtualisation.

The exhibition ends with the digital-social project “Understanding the Other” created by the PerCro laboratory at the Sant’Anna High School in Pisa, which for over 25 years has conducted fascinating research into the relationship between robotics and virtual environments.

Digitalife also includes a number of live music and video performances that are designed to reinterpret industrial areas as the ideal location for experimenting with future languages. These languages are also typical of production design at Leonardo –EvolutionsTile.

The programme's calendar of events includes a conference by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro on the 24th of November, to mark 150 years of relations between Italy and Japan. The talk will feature an android copy of the professor that can hold a meaningful conversation.



Digitalife is part of the Romaeuropa Festival 2016 programme.

The exhibition is on show at the MACRO - La Pelanda in the Testaccio district in Rome until 27th November 2016.

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