13 January 2014 / Solutions for the home

Floorings and facings? Tiles, naturally!

The everlasting wood effect and the latest, more contemporary, stone effect, pay homage to classic natural materials and lend a unique touch to residential spaces.

An underlying theme running through interior design in recent times has been the research for a living experience that is closer to nature, from the colours to the nuances, that recalls its most distinguishing essences. This trend applies to all residential spaces, both inside and outside our homes.
For example a decade ago bathrooms were relegated to a merely service role. Now they are prominent rooms in their own right, temples to wellness to be experienced with pleasure through natural references and lines that recall the perfect equilibrium that we only find in nature.
Enveloping warm hues, soft lines and lights that shape furniture and designer objects with simple shapes. This trend towards the ‘natural’ has developed alongside the increasingly popular trend of made to measure style. Even the smallest homes are now completed with unique and custom furniture, once the reserve of luxury homes. The key words are maximum flexibility and extreme functionality: for every room.

To complete a total look with a natural effect, what should we choose for the floorings and facings?
The technological and stylistic evolutions of made in Italy tiles, have rendered porcelain stoneware a complex material with endless and extremely differentiated aspects and moods. Tiles have been freed from any aesthetic limits to achieve chromatic palettes and visual effects typical of surfaces that we can admire in nature.
To create a relaxing atmosphere that recalls natural tones the ideal solutions are colours that recall the hardness of stone, the softness of clay and mud or the sinuous veins of wood. These are the colours to use and bring together wisely.

Which collections should you choose?
If you are looking for a minimal and essential effect, look no further than Opificio delle Pietre, ImolaCeramica’s new collection inspired by stone and prominent tactile sensations. Coarse or smooth, these tiles are available in several formats and are extremely resistant, so that they can also be used outdoors. The visual effect is of large stones – such as Lipica or Vicentina stones - and the result is elegant spatial continuity.
If, on the other hand, you are looking for an extensive selection of reinterpreted stones then LeonardoCeramica’s Stone Project is for you. This collection features surfaces with great visual depth and interesting variations of shadows, tones and shades.
Modular formats and an infinite possibility of laying projects can be found in the surfaces of Pretiosa, floorings and facings by LaFaenzaCeramica.
The heart of the collection is the mix of materials. Natural stone is carefully mixed to create a refined movement with a classic touch.
ImolaCeramica’s Wood collection emanates welcoming warmth by choosing to reproduce the uniqueness of wood. It is available in 7 chromatic variations (dove grey, green, grey, cement, almond, white, red) and in the 16.5x100 cm format. The warmth of wood is married to a grained surface so that it can also be used outdoors. Visual subtlety and guaranteed strength are the qualities that render Wood the ideal choice for aesthetically striking solutions that are, at the same time, practical.

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