29 November 2016 / Architecture & Design

Herzog & de Meuron's Feltrinelli Foundation Building

After Gae Aulenti Square, unveiled in 2012 and the Vertical Forest from 2014, Milan boasts a new architectural gem designed by Herzog & de Meuron, which saw the Basel-based architects win the Smart Building 2016 award.
The new Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundations building is «simple but surprising», just what we want for the products in our rangeLeonardo – EvolutionsTile.

The design is inspired by the simplicity and precision of Milanese architecture and rural Lombardy's typical farmhouses, «at the same time repetitive and intriguing» (Jacques Herzog).
The building - consisting of two blocks connected at basement level - fits perfectly with the urban surroundings, thanks to its transparent skin: 10,598 square metres of glazing and concrete.

It is the perfect example of balance between structure and space and of a repetitive pattern, its 1,224 windows stretching along the horizontal line of the building (180 m long and 32 m high). There is also a 15,000 square metre park with 36 trees and 920 metres of cycle paths.

The Feltrinelli Foundation building is a “design for Milan and its people”. It will house archives, offices, a study and research centre, a reading room, book shop, coffee shops, retail and multi-function units open to residents and visitors. But that's just a small part of the complex. The building will also be the site of the new Microsoft headquarters.

The Smart Building award was presented to Herzog & de Meuron in recognition of the Swiss firm's capacity for innovating the way we live, and the building's extensive use of digital technology.
This is the kind of example that Leonardo - EvolutionsTile looks to for getting the best from technologies, architecture and design. And for making products that are simple and precise, increasingly international like Milan which, with this prestigious new project, has cemented its status as a leader in innovative architecture and town planning.

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