26 April 2016 / Solutions for the home

Home must haves for singles

Must have furnishings and fittings for the perfect bachelor or bachelorette pad.
This is a mini guide for the single you, with tips and suggestions on how to decorate your home, create moods and bring colour and movement to your walls. Exciting colour inserts and contrasts, unexpected juxtapositions and the right sensory mood will all reveal your character and turn your home into a potent weapon of seduction... so watch out.
You may be single now, but you might not be for much longer.

2016 interior design trends focus on an exciting interplay of eclecticism and the unexpected.
So let your individual creativity run wild and organise and furnish your own space with whatever talks about you. To create special sensory moods, feel free to choose whatever fabrics, fragrances and colours you like. According to Pantone, the trendiest colours this year are Serenity Blue, Rose Quartz and various other shades of blue and green.

To create your unique ambience, don't forget one of the latest trends' common denominators: Mother Nature. In any shape or size, nature always helps create a free and easy atmosphere. And as a green mindset is one of this year's trendsetters why not add some plants, as well as a low consumption lighting system with soft, warm LED lights.

Bachelor or bachelorette pads are places where friends are always coming round for dinner, an aperitif or a heart-to-heart.
Each of these situations needs its own soundtrack, so your music collection should range from chill-out to ethno-beat, and from electronic grooves to lounge. Choose a hi-fi speaker system too.

This year offers a new trend in speakers that combines the traditional art of stringed instrument makers with latest technology, so hi-tech, speakers clad in beautifully grained woodare definitely in.
This makes speakers an important part of a room's furnishings while eliminating unsightly player systems thanks to wireless technology that will play your music straight from a smartphone or tablet.

Living room trends this year also let you express your character exactly as you want. Minimalists, vintage maniacs, natural style gurus are all cool this year and colours range from pastel shades to bright urban jungle tones and even northern retro styles.
New trends also include natural, eco-friendly fabrics and textures, so there are a wide range of sofas to choose from.

At the Milan Design Weekthere were models in all shapes and colours, but what is important is that they are big and comfortable. Remember that you can create more than one relaxation area in your home, so maybe think of some special spaces for enjoying a coffee, an aperitif, a cosy chat or a more intimate moment. The furniture doesn't have to be over fancy either - a pouf, perhaps, and a metal or wooden coffee table, with the odd piece of recycled design and a sofa-bed, of course.

As we have already seen, this year's furnishing trends focus on eclecticism: the combination and fusion of a wide variety of elements - in one word, Mash-up.
Imola's Mash-up collection was born from a desire to create something really unique: a tile design that offers unlimited freedom when creating mix & match effects with different textures. This collection has a single 30x60 cm format and two deliberately neutral colours: white and almond.

Thanks to its many different elements, Mash-up can be used to create vibrant walls or floors featuring geometrical shapes, diamond layouts, rhythmic stripes and bands, jungle-style floral patterns and even graffiti for street art lovers.
"Like a blank page filled with imaginative shapes and colours", Mash-up will reflect your inner you perfectly.

#bed or futon?
Eclectic styles have taken over the bedroom too.
At the Milan Design Week,numerous different bed designs were on stage with a marked focus on the importance of the bed head. Inveterate singles can therefore choose between minimalist bed designs with sharp, clean-cut contours; cosy, voluptuous styles for piquant encounters; and fluffy romantic alternatives with warm pillows and extra padding.

To create a sense of relaxation, we recommend natural fabrics, relaxing, light colours and a lighting system that creates a soft and intimate environment.
Futon fans, of course, can always opt for a Zen-style with eco-friendly tatami flooring and roll up ecological mattresses, all specially designed to offer ultimate comfort.

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