24 March 2016 / Solutions for the home

Home sweet home, ideas for restyling

Every home, no matter how large or small, is a mirrorof those who live inside it. It recounts their experiences, passions and modus vivendi. This highly individual character is created through colours, furnishings and tiny details that make up the overall dimension and define the different domestic spaces according to how they are used.

Every room has its own energy and its own functions. So creating your own world and renewing and displaying your creativity are a vital way of achieving gratification in the domestic dimension. Ideal shapes and colours exist that match the different characters of the inhabitants of this universe. From warm and cosy Kuni wood-effect ceramics, which are perfect for living and night areas, to the more Mediterranean harmonies of Shades, for bedrooms or kitchens.

The Kuni collection porcelain stoneware plank tiles allow you to create an oasis of peace and quiet and make your study, bedroom or lounge more comfortable thanks to the cosy warmth of surfaces with sculpture-like wood grains and knots. The collection was created by meticulous research into the essence of carved wood to create a vibration: a natural atmosphere with a “savage” charm and a warm welcome.

The different formats, colours, matt or natural surfaces allow an ideal ambience to be created for any person, together with a wide variety of individual touches thanks to Kuni wall decorations, that range from the unique and lively inserts of “Beep Beep” and “Sketch” to the “Writing” series designed for street art fans.

The Shades collection is ideal for bringing to your home the smell of a sea breeze, the warm hues of the sunset and the golden yellow of a cornfield. Vibrating shades and explosive tones are available for those who love the atmospheres of the Mediterranean. The wall and floor tiles boast a bright glaze with a high material and colour impact that is beautiful both to look at and touch.

Thanks to these brilliant colours, bedrooms and dining rooms can be changed into settings with a truly emotional style and appeal. The Shades wall decorations speak different languages that meet different tastes from figurative floral styles to vintage design, pictorial and even abstract patterns.

Mosaic tiles - in different colours - are ideal for use in shower cubicles as they recreate the exotic atmospheres of Turkish baths or old swimming pools. The world of Shades is also perfect for the unique world of bicolour style kitchens in line with recent trends where the concept of contrast is king.

Our homes change and evolve just as we do, so it is a pleasure to redesign the spaces and surfaces of our favourite rooms. After all, that is what makes living fun and every home so very special!

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