17 July 2015 / Architecture & Design

How can you make more space at home? Use your imagination in 7 different ways

We all dream of having more space and larger, airier rooms, but latest generation homes tend to get smaller and smaller, and the current trend of hoarding everything, from impractical furniture to unused appliances, means that homes can easily feel cluttered.
Nevertheless, you can get around a lack of space by optimizing what you have available. And to do that you have to both rationalize your home and add a pinch of creativity.
At Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola we have perfected 7 practical suggestions that will help your home seem larger.

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#1 Doors? Preferably sliding ones

Sliding doors don't take up any room when they are opened, so you can use the space for practical new furniture.

#2 Suspended or wall-mounted fittings

Exploit any vertical space you have by choosing wall-mounted bookcases, shelves and cupboards that are not too wide. This will create less visual impact and make rooms seem bigger and lighter.

#3 Use glass and transparent surfaces

Glass or perspex fittings often have a slimmer design than normal furniture - sometimes as little as 1.5 cm - and this makes them look light and airy. Transparent surfaces also enhance rooms with an air of delicacy and grace.

#4 Keep lights high

Get rid of any floor-based lights as ceiling-mounted or suspended lighting - even with adjustable arms, if necessary - light environments more efficiently.

#5 The real secret is coordination

In areas like bathrooms, where there is never enough space, it is important to keep fittings coordinated. A minimalist washbasin, a shower niche, and compact, rounded sanitary fittings all help to save space in small bathrooms while also providing the comfort we need.

#6 Go vertical

In environments like landings or small bathrooms, mezzanine or intermediate floors with closed doors are a useful way of tidying away general clutter and appliances.

#7 The importance of neutral colours

Neutral tones - i.e. colours that range from white to beige - help make environments look brighter and bigger. So try to use pastel colours and avoid dark tones that are better suited to large, spacious environments, lit by natural light.
The almond colour from the LeonardoCeramica Word Up collection is a good example. These tiles, inspired by contemporary urban street art, are the ideal solution for any room in your home. Another interesting alternative is the Hidden collection, a state of the art slab tile that recreates the hand-crafted finish of "monolithic" floors.

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