04 March 2014 / Solutions for the home

If every form has its own style, what format are you?

Ceramic collections offer a wide range of formats. And every size has its own style and purpose to suit the mood and features of different living spaces.

Made in Italy ceramics are a byword for vast, aesthetic variety and extreme versatility. In the past, home sizes tended to dictate the type of tiles that could be laid, but now the combinations are endless, and interior design is free to do as it pleases.
Free, that is, within the trends that map the architectural universe.

If your mood is minimal 
In the wake of the latest interior design trends, oversize tiles have become increasingly popular.
It is an area that Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola has explored thoroughly, right through to its sumptuous 120x120 format, the latest step forward in ceramic modularity.
We are talking about a tile that suits minimalist design and stringent colour schemes perfectly.
This is a land where the boldest forms of contemporary style hold sway and taste has abandoned all forms of decoration to focus on pure, sober refinement.
The natural habitat of the oversize format is domestic environments featuring cement-style tones, such as black or anthracite grey or black.
If you are seeking to create an effect of spatial continuity and visual linearity, then you need look no further than oversize and the LeonardoCeramica Word Up collection.
These ceramics feature subtle patchwork and graffiti decorations and are available in two formats: 120x120cm and a 60x120cm strip. But whichever you choose, the end effect will always be geometrical, minimalist and distinctively appealing.

If your taste is more old-fashioned and romantic.
Interiors with a more romantic, lyrical mood require warm, cosy colours. So, if you are looking for a pinch of bon ton, then you should choose a warm colour scheme ranging from champagne through to yellow, almond and brown.
By mixing an old-fashioned mood with a touch of British furniture and a sprinkle of Provencal style you can achieve the kind of modern retro fashion that is so popular in home furniture and design magazines.
The format to choose here is the kind that will create an atmosphere that takes you back in time. The minute 12x18 format is ideal. It is a size that suits a range of home environments, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and brings yesterday’s moods back into fashion by restyling them with a modern perspective.
The ImolaCeramica Cento per Cento collection has exactly this kind of character. Created to celebrate the centenary of Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola tile production, Cento per Cento restyles formats used at the turn of the last century by adding a modern perspective.
Distinguished by its strong personality, this collection is inspired by the texture of delicious chocolate bars, and its three-dimensional, multi-sensory character decorates walls with a soft, romantic glow.

If you prefer timeless, classic elegance
If you wish to achieve a classic, refined sense of esprit
, our advice is to avoid abundance and superfluous patterns and choose simplicity instead. Be careful not to overcrowd environments with objects, pictures and furniture. Try to soften symmetry with sinuous shapes and don’t exaggerate with colour. A classic style requires a perfect balance of furniture with no excesses or predominant elements. And the ceramics must interact with the architectural solutions and interior design. The best format, here, is a traditional one. So we are talking about a square tile, available in numerous variants – from 45x45cm to 60x60cm to 90x90cm.
For a mood such as this, the LaFaenzaCeramica Astratto collection, with its neutral, but highly appealing tones, is spot-on as these elegant, essential floors add an air of classic good taste to both residential and public environments.

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