23 October 2015 / Tiles & Bathroom

Interior design in your bathroom and more. All the latest homeware trends!

Just over a month ago, Cersaie 2015 - the annual showcase of news and trends in the tile and bathroom fittings sector - closed its doors. We were there. And, like every year, we have selected our pick of the most exciting, new homeware trends and solutions just for you!

As this edition of Cersaie amply demonstrates, the living space that has been getting most attention recently is without doubt the bathroom. Once, just a simple wash room and nothing more, today the bathroom has become one of the focal points of residential design. It is here that people reconnect to their bodies and spend some precious time on themselves. And this is how the bathroom has become a temple of relaxation and well-being.
For this space to fully achieve that, though, a number of exciting solutions must be found to make it both aesthetically satisfying and highly practical.
One such move is to replace shower cubicles with a great, old-fashioned bathtub. With its traditional shape and refined design, bathtubs can look great, even in the centre of a room, like the bedroom. But if you really can't part with your shower, then at least try updating it with a new hi-tech, maxi version. Or adopt one of the refined solutions, like cross-floor drainage channels, now used by many interior designers to create a sense of continuity and elegance.
Sanitary fixtures should also be ultralight and discreet, so they don't have to match at all costs. Basins, toilets and bidets are now usually seen as independent style elements, preferably equipped with all available comforts. These include ergonomic seats that heat up when you move near them and silent technology that automatically siphons off any unpleasant odours.
This clearly indicates that one of the key factors in recent home furnishing trends is comfort.
Another factor that was just as evident at Cersaie 2015 is modularity. Tailormade is the new religion, so all furnishings must offer an ample colour range and numerous finishes that will fit not only the style of individual homes, but also the tastes of those who live there.
Classic black and white remains popular, but there are also a number of new colours to the home furnishing party. These focus particularly on tones that have been subtly transformed by Nature, like bleached wood, earth and sand.The resulting furnishings are often fascinating combinations, such as ceramic basins mounted on stainless steel structures with contrasting inserts in natural oak.

This trend continues into the floor and wall tile sector where ceramics now offer the same natural appeal as wood and all the fascinating uniqueness of its timeworn knots and grains. The most recent tile produced by the Imola design team offers exactly this.
Kuni is a porcelain stoneware tile created from a careful study of large, freshly cut, wooden panels,complete with all the irresistible texture of this living material. The result is a wild, fascinating surface, full of grains and flaws and an instantly modern appeal thanks to the inclusion of a vast 60x180 cm format tile that has never been produced before.

Similar research into natural elements has also been conducted by LaFaenza, a brand that has always been eager to investigate new styles and trends. Its new collection is inspired by marble and encapsulates centuries of history and natural elegance. Travertine marble is a surface that was so precious to the Ancient Romans they called it "White Gold". And now the elegance of this solid, monumental stone is available for your home in 4 different formats, 2 different finishes and the pure and essential beauty of white and almond. With White Gold, porcelain stoneware makes the beauty of natural stone its own.

The seductive depth and flaws of living stone have also been masterfully captured in the textures of the Leonardo Update tile collection. Here, advanced technology has allowed us to reproduce natural stone perfectly with all its sculpted-by-nature irregularities and slowly sedimented layering.
The result is an authentic stone tile, rich in details, chiaroscuro effects, and intriguing colours that chase each other in a pleasant rhythm of cross-fading hues.

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