24 February 2016 / Architecture & Design

Style and technology. From the USA to Italy, some tips for a high tech home

Modern domotics continually offer new opportunities for home automation, and control systems have become increasingly sophisticated, ranging from irrigation to remote controlled lighting and featuring a huge series of high tech gadgets.

At the world famous, technology-focused Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show 2016, numerous innovative devices were presented, including extravagant futuristic inventions and others that have now become an essential part of any smart, modern, connected-up home. Nearly four thousand companies exhibited at the show and the products that attracted most attention included drones, virtual experience platforms and intelligent robots that act as personal assistants.
The items that will almost certainly become part of the home of the future include new concave, convex and even swivel TV screens and technology that offers new chromatic experiences without the help of external lighting.

The kitchen of the futurenow offers refrigerators that compile shopping lists automatically and wi-fi devices that warn you if there are any strange noises in the kitchen, so you can leave burners to cook without you.
Currently available only on the USA market, there is a refrigerator equipped with an app for shopping online, while another new invention pours you the perfect glass of vintage wine without the bother of decanting it.
Simply push a button and you will be served excellent, oxygenated wine at the right temperature and in just the right measure.

Tomorrow's bedrooms, on the other hand, promise sheets and cushions that will help you sleep better, alarm clocks that will wake you with your favourite ring tone or fragrance and even let you sleep in at the weekend if it's raining.
In the bathroom a system-connected, environment friendly shower will I warn you when you're using too much water as it can reach up to 180 litres in just 10 minutes.
These technologies may give the impression that they require a strict, minimalist furnishing style with a few sharp, clean-cut design items. But, in fact, the ideal interior design for the high tech homeis based on an eclectic crossover style that includes both the materials and the lighting design.

In other words, a careful combination of vintage and re-design items for studios and living areas. And, in kitchens, the domestic environment that requires a truly high performance aesthetic, a mixture of stainless steel and porcelain stoneware to keep surfaces clean, tidy and looking great.

The most sophisticated and popular floor finishes for the contemporary home are resin and cement tiles. But Leonardo offers a concept of materials that goes one step further with Waterfront, a porcelain stoneware tile that takes its inspiration from the paving design of the quay in Cape Town. The result is a unique, modern style thanks to a perfect combination of terracotta and cement. In line with latest trends, the Waterfront collection floor and wall tiles feature natural matt hues such as beige, white, cappuccino, grey and black, and 90x90 and 60x60 formats.

To complete an environment, rigorously monochrome rugs should be used for the floors, with light, clean fabrics for the curtains, neutral colours for the wall tiles, and high tech, low energy impact, cell phone-connected luminaires.
Bedrooms, on the other hand, should focus on offering all the comfort that technology can bring. This should include dimmer systems for matching light diffusion to your mood and touch devices that create your ideal musical scenario - as well as a distinctively natural style and a relaxing, restful atmosphere with minimal furniture, subdued colours, wood-effect ceramic tiles and retractable screens if you can't give up your TV or home theater.

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