Moon. Eclectic charm.

Taking inspiration from the moon’s surface, Leonardo includes an exercise in style amongst its new collections: a homogeneous concrete effect with a soft surface.

One: Unexpected Surfaces.

Four different stones have been selected to create this collection: a very rare Quarzite Superwhite, an unusual Cardoso Oniciata stone, elegant and refined Dora Cloud marble and Grigio Billiemi stone.

Factory: hi tech, essential and bold, all in one collection.

A full-bodied porcelain stoneware collection with a unique concrete effect and a very special range of surface colour variations featuring subtle shades that can only be truly appreciated when every tile has been laid.

R-EvolutionsTile @Cersaie

Every year the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings marks a turning point with the past by stimulating changes in products that stand out for their excellence, technology and innovation.

Back at Expo 2015. A walk through the pavilions that carry our hallmark.

In an article we posted a few days ago we told you why you can find the best of Italian ceramics at the Kuwait pavilion.

The best of Italian ceramics at the Kuwait pavilion

How can a small country like Kuwait charm, amaze and create an impact in the most important showcase of all time: the Expo 2015?


To clean these tiles correctly use a scrubber or sponge pad dipped in a diluted solution of neutral detergent for tiles, such as FILA CLEANER, following the usage instructions and observing the manufacturer’s dilution ratios indicated on the packaging.

How should tiles with special applications (e.g. gold or silver), like DECORATIONS or INSERTS be CLEANED FOR THE FIRST TIME?

The materials used for these kinds of decorations have features that are typical of precious metals.

What is the difference between glazed and full-bodied porcelain stoneware?

Glazed porcelain stoneware is a product with a front surface that has been further enhanced by glazing.

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