03 June 2015 / Architecture & Design

The best of Italian ceramics at the Kuwait pavilion

How can a small country like Kuwait charm, amaze and create an impact in the most important showcase of all time: the Expo 2015? Italo Rota, the world famous architect has shown us how it's done.
His architectural concept is a microcosm of Kuwait, and its human and natural resources. The Kuwait Pavilion Project has been designed and constructed by the Progetto CMR company under the supervision of the Nussli Group.

The area dedicated to Kuwait, a country whose strength comes directly from the desert, welcomes visitors with an entrance featuring a series of mobile structures inspired by the sails of the traditional “sambuco” or “dhow”, the boat used in the Arab Gulf for collecting pearls.
Covering an area of approximately 3,000 m², the pavilion is divided into three distinct areas. The first, by the entrance, features 360° film shows and mirror effects that recreate the atmosphere of Kuwait landscapes. The second takes children and adults on two different journeys to explore the country's geography and nature. And these finish in the third space, a spacious refreshment area surrounded by hydroponically cultivated plants (tomatoes, strawberries, and salad), and offering typical products from Arab souks, where visitors can relax and enjoy the flavors of traditional middle-eastern cuisine.
This is an experience that carries visitors off to a land that is over 4,500 km from Italy.
It is also a journey that encapsulates Kuwait's perspective on the Expo 2015 theme, Feeding the planet, energy for life. One of the most important challenges this country faces is that of finding drinkable water. Thanks to the desalinisation of seawater - the first system dates back to 1953 - Kuwait has shown that life can be born in the desert, as we should never forget that “Water is the key element for survival”.

Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola has helped create this pavilion by bringing to the Expo its floor and wall tiles that are the result of its intensive research into innovative solutions.
2 of the group's brands are present at this important exhibition: ImolaCeramica and LeonardoCeramica.

So what exactly are the tiles you can enjoy at the Kuwait pavilion?

#Concrete Project by ImolaCeramica: full-bodied porcelain stoneware

This tile collection is inspired by cement processing and a masterly use of contemporary effects. The format laid here is a 20x120 cm tile that enlivens environments with endless combinations of creativity, style and memory.

#Micron by ImolaCeramica: minimal porcelain stoneware

This collection, laid here in 30x30cm and 60x60cm black formats, enhances space with its refined, essential style. Particularly suited to retail spaces, the Micron tile, is the ideal solution for high traffic environments. 

#Icon by LeonardoCeramica: material-based surfaces

Tattile, un piacevole effetto carta stropicciata scorre sotto alle dita: questo l’effetto di un gres porcellanato a tutto spessore presentato nei toni del nero. Icon regala al pavimento un senso di movimento e di tridimensionalità mai ottenuto precedentemente.

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