24 May 2016 / Solutions for the home

Your outdoor dream

This year, the  predominance  of green and natural design has seen interior and exterior domestic space and styles overlap. The key concept involves encouraging the two environments to interact and create - especially in summer - a single “border-free” dimension that is truly relaxing.

This means that anyone in the throes of furnishing or restyling their home can have endless fun choosing from a vast range of elements and materials for creating open air corners and lounges.
This fashion is pure mix n match, so sets of tables and chairs are out, and a contrast of different styles is definitely in - as long as those styles are the current Vintage, Nordic Retrò, Zen or Exotic mood trendsetters, of course.

Green design has also triggered the return of teak and other prestige wood chaise longues and deck chairs, as well as natural tone fabric decorations. And terraces flaunt a distinctive minimalist style where light materials, like plastic and aluminium, combine refined beauty and practicality.

Outdoor living areas feature creative forms where the design is experimental, and the materials are always eco-friendly.
Open air lounge areas are just as cool as indoor ones, as current outdoor furniture is not just sun and weather-resistant, it also boasts a refined design with prestigious coverings and upholstery and hi-tech elements too.  

When paving outdoor spaces, we suggest using Q-Style, a porcelain stoneware collection that recreates the uniquely noble and elegant look of oak in a spectacular new way.
The tiles' variegated surface finishes and unusual colours enhance their original wood grain effect, giving spaces a lively, highly distinctive and modern mood.

Q-Style's unique format offers two structures, one designed specifically for the outdoors.
The collection is also enhanced by weaves taken from the fashion world and stunning hues of yellow, red and blue that are ideal for decorating a portico, or open air dining room or lounge. 

Last but not least, to crown your outdoor dream, there is the swimming pool.
A sunken pool with natural overflow technology satisfies both aficionados of sleek contours and sharp lines and those who dream of plunging into picturesque pools or stretches of water buried deep in the heart of exotic landscapes. 

Innovative solutions and different styles can also be used to create spectacular water terraces overlooking landscapes with breathtaking cascade pools featuring special finishes, water jets and Jacuzzis. Make sure you take particular care over lighting, too, so you can tailor your water space to the mood you wish to experience in your very own outdoor dream world.

Technology such as LEDs, underwater spotlights, different-coloured light beams, and rear-lit spillways as well as remote control systems for managing all the pool's features and functions are all ready to help.
To decorate the spaces around a pool like this, we again suggest you use the Q-Style series - the classic elegance of wood in tasteful light colours.

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