ImolArte. Made in Italy majolica like you’ve never seen it before

Artistic majolica has increased its presence and visibility on the web. The products created and decorated by hand by Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola’s artistic division can now be purchased online. The new e-shop features our traditional products which express a creativity and a craftsmanship that bring to life a range of colours inspired on the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Our most popular decorations will be available online: Mazzetto, Garofano Imola, Bianco Fiore, Giallo Fiore and Garofano Blu. The possibility of purchasing products entirely produced by hand online, to decorate tables with unique pieces in the quickest way possible, opens new horizons for our Italian craftsmanship.
Detailed products sheets will guide users through the precious majolica table sets that can be composed with complete freedom. Users can create their own customised tables sets, with unique combinations of decorations and choose individual pieces based on their needs and whims.

Discover ImolArte Shop.

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