LaFaenzaCeramica’s images take centre stage

Ceramics, a material that for centuries has been interpreted in an infinite number of ways, is the subject of a striking visual presentation on LaFaenzaCeramica’s website. It showcases surfaces designed by a great master, Carlo Zauli, and that today are still embraced by the world of interior design and architecture with their contemporary styling.
LaFaenzaCeramica: tradition looking to the future.
Our new website reflects our ethos.
The communication concept is driven by a series of crucial assets for the brand: seduction, elegance and innovative spirit are the key factors that guide the user through the various sections of the website. Right from the homepage the expressiveness of the material is reflected with a focus on the product. The collections of floorings and facings are the pulsing heart of all the information presented, which ranges from technical details to the emotional universe of the Collezioni di Emozioni, the storytelling project that presents the latest collections with captivating stories.
The most innovative navigation solutions have been used for the LaFaenzaCeramica website, such as the mega menu that minimise the time needed to focus on the interested sections. An advanced search tool allows users to quickly select the most suitable tile for the specifications requested. A responsive design ensures that the website can be enjoyed fully from any device.
The resulting image driven web experience reflects the essence of the brand.

I never read,
I just look at pictures.
(A. Warhol)

And I feel fine

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